Bahrain Smart Card Appointment Online – How to Check Bahrain CPR Renewal Status?

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Bahrain Smart Card

Bahrain Smart Card Appointment Smart cards are issued by the Government of Bahrain to citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The card authorizes citizens of GCC countries to travel to Bahrain using the smart card in lieu of a national passport. These services provided by the Information and e-Government Authority (IGA) to citizens and residents include the issuance of identity cards for children below 10 years of age and domestic workers, renewal of identity cards, replacement of lost/damaged identity cards, allowing printing of identity cards, issue of unique identity cards.

Bahrain Smart Card Appointment: In addition to the newborn number, appointment booking, and inquiry service, update civil record details, and address services including updating the registered residential address in the ID card and adjusting a registered address in the address system with the ability to print the address or revoke the certificate.

Bahrain Smart Card Appointment Online

Bahrain Smart Card Appointment Online
Bahrain Smart Card Appointment Online

Bahrain Smart Card Appointment: The online appointment system allows employers and authorized persons to inquire about all LMRA transactions from the LMRA Customer Service Manager and Heads of the Customer Service Department, in addition, migrant workers can book appointments to enter biological data. Placements are provided on a daily basis.

How to Check Bahrain CPR Renewal Status?

If you want to check the status in Bahrain then follow these steps: 

Send a text message containing your identification card number to the Labor Market Regulatory Authority (+973 1738 8888) using this format: CPR 123456789.
Wait for the text message from the LMRA indicating your legal status in the state.
Pay the service charges (50 fils) when you receive your mobile phone bill. it’s that easy!

Bahrain Smart Card Renewal Process

Here we explain how to renew your Bahrain, first of all, you have a valid Bahrain passport. In case of travel, parents can apply for renewal of identity cards. In case of general clearance or acquaintance, an authorization letter is required from the applicant along with the original valid passport of the applicant.

How can I get a Bahrain CPR card?

Everyone must undergo a medical check-up at an approved Bahrain clinic, which is not always a welcome start to your time in the country. Once all visas are in hand, it is easy to request all CPR cards using the online process to submit documents and book an appointment

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