$540 Health Card – Social Media Claim on $540 Health Card True or False

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$540 Health Card

American Government has released a sum of $540/month under the ‘Health Give Back Program’ for people with an annual income of less than $50,000. “This Health Spending Benefit is the newest way to never pay for a healthcare expense again. Get $540 reloaded every month for all of your health spending, doctor’s visits, prescriptions, hospital bills, and much more.”

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$540 Health Card
$540 Health Card

Some websites are using the name of this scheme to steal the personal data of American citizens. That’s why Government for America has said that do not share your personal information with any unauthorized website.

Social Media Claim on $540 Health Card True or False

As per the official report, all the above information is false and misleading content. There is not any kind of scheme mentioned on the official website of the Social Security Administration. According to the latest claim on social media, The Social Media Post asks users to click on a website link and enter personal information to get $3034 per annum added to their social security checks. No such scheme is announced by the Official authority of the Social Security Administration (SSA). SSA warned users not to click on a malicious links and give away personal details to prevent identity theft.

Even though the U.S. government helps certain sections of low-income uninsured citizens through state-subsidized health insurance or Medicaid, money is directly paid to the health care providers and not to the individuals.

To sum it up, trappy websites are asking for the personal details of users in the name of FAKE Health Schemes.

Visit – USA Govt Website

Visit  – IRS GOVT Website

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