Service Ontario Renew Health Card 2023

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Service Ontario Health Card

Service Ontario Renew Health Card 2023: Through Service Ontario, you can avail of services like your driving license, license plate, plate stickers, health cards, birth certificate, birth registration, etc. Service Ontario was created to provide all of these services. But today we are just going to provide you with complete information about how to renew the health card. That’s why all of you are requested to read this article completely. Through this article, you will be able to renew your Service Ontario health card.

Service Ontario Renew Health Card 2023
Service Ontario Renew Health Card 2023

Service Ontario Renew Health Card 2023: As we all know that people are searching curiously for renew health card online, service ontario near me, service ontario health card, health card renewal appointment, health card renewal form, renew child health card online, renew health card online without driver’s license, can i renew my child’s Ontario health card online throughout the internet. That’s why, we are writing this page for all of them. Let’s have a look.

Health Card Renewal Appointment

Service Ontario Renew Health Card 2023: Service Ontario appointments can be booked through two different methods which are “Book an appointment online” and “Book an appointment by phone”. whenever you book an appointment You will receive an email wherein you will be able to get location details and the date and time of your appointment.

Service Ontario Near Me

Service Ontario Renew Health Card 2023: Check if your service is available online and try it out and make sure the location is open and offers the service you need. You may also find the location by using the city or area pin code. Apart from this, You can also use your current location to find Service Ontario nearby. Check the Following Link.

Check Service Ontario Near Me

Health Card Renewal Form

Service Ontario Renew Health Card 2023: Service Ontario Health Card Renewal Form is now available in pdf format. Here you can download Health Card Renewal Forms by using the direct link which is available just below.

Download Health Card Renewal Form

Service Ontario Renew Health Card 2023

Service Ontario Renew Health Card 2023: Service Ontario Renew Health Card procedure is so easy and convenient. Before you start renewing your health card, You should download the renewal form from above.

1. Visit in person at your nearest ServiceOntario center.
2. Complete a health card renewal (Form 4297-82).
3. Bring with you an original document that proves your residence in Ontario
and an original document with your name and signature to prove your identification (see Ontario Health Coverage Document, List.

Can I Renew my Child’s Ontario Health Card Online

AService Ontario Renew Health Card 2023: photo health card has an expiry date that is linked to your date of birth. if you are over 15½ years old, you must visit a ServiceOntario center to renew Bring your health card and a photograph. Renewal notices for photo health cards are mailed approximately every two months. before the expiration date shown on the front of your card, but you can renew Six months before this end date.

Renew child health card online

If you are over the age of 15½, you must renew your Ontario health card in person.

  • Visit a ServiceOntario center with two basic documents from the Ontario health coverage document list:
  • One to prove your residence in Ontario (such as an Ontario driver’s license) One to prove your identity (such as a credit card)

Renew Health Card Online without Driver’s License

If you want to renew your health card without Driver’s License then you have another option to renew your card which is “Renew using your Ontario Photo Card”

Renew your health card online using your valid Ontario Photo Card as proof of identity and residency in Ontario.

Make sure you have:

  1. your most recent health card
  2. your current Ontario Photo Card (not expired or canceled)
  3. a printer to print your temporary document.


Call the ministry INFOline at 1-800-664-8988
(Toll-free in Ontario only)TTY 1-800-387-5559
Hours of operation: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

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