Sun Life Health Card Philippines – Price, Reviews & More

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Sun Life Health Card Philippines

Sun Life Health Card Philippines – Price, Reviews & More: Sun Life health insurance plans are trying to improve the health and wealth quality of Philippines citizens. The Sun Life Health Card Philippines plans in the Health category two, Health Insurance and Life Insurance. In the Life Insurance Category, It has Term life insurance and Permanent life insurance while in the Health Insurance category, There are a total of four insurances available Personal health insurance, Critical illness insurance, Long-term care insurance & Disability insurance.

Sun Life Health Card Philippines
Sun Life Health Card Philippines

Sun Life Health Card Philippines: If you are looking for sun life health insurance prices, sun life health insurance philippines reviews, critical illness sunlife philippines, top 10 health insurance in the philippines, best critical illness insurance philippines, health insurance philippines, list of health insurance in the philippines, health insurance philippines price &, etc. then you are looking at the right page. Because here we are providing every possible information which you exactly looking for.

Critical Illness Sunlife Philippines

  • Covers 36 most common critical illnesses
  • One-time cash benefit of at least P50,000 to P5,000,000
  • 100% coverage paid on diagnosis of covered critical illnesses
  • Flexible and customizable plan as per business requirements

Sun Life Health Card Eligibility

Sun Life Health Insurance Eligibility Criteria is available in the following points-

  • Any Employer-Employee Group duly registered in the Philippines
  • Must have a minimum of 20 employees covered
  • Employees must be aged 18 to 65 years old and are active at work for the duration of the GCIB coverage

Sun Life Health Insurance Prices

Sun Life Health Card Philippines: Health Insurance Philippines Prices can be calculated through the official webpage of Sunlife. Through the health calculator, Customer age and pre-existing diseases were predicted. On the basis of the overall calculation, Your premium will decide. So there is no fixed amount for the insurance premium amount. but we can say Sun Life Health Card Philippines is affordable for the general public.

Top 10 Health Insurance in the Philippines

Sun Life Health Card Philippines: If we talk about the top 10 health Insurance companies in the Philippines then majorly comes following the top 8 companies.

  1. MediCard.
  2. Kaiser International.
  3. PRU Life U.K.
  4. Sun Life.
  5. Maxicare.
  6. Caritas Health Shield.
  7. KanMend by FWD.
  8. SingleLife.
  9. Generali
  10. Fortune Care

List of Health Insurance in the Philippines

Insurance Company Monthly Premium in Peso
Pioneer Personal Contingency Plan 3 1190
Generali Group Personal Accident Insurance 135
Pioneer Personal Contingency Plan 2 990
Pioneer Personal Contingency Plan 1 720
Medicard VIP Plan Suite 5578.58
Medicard VIP Plan Large Private 3811.08
Medicard VIP Plan 250,000 2090
Medicard VIP Plan 200,000 1762.42
Medicard Plan 8,000 745.75
Medicard Plan 18,000 1521.42
Medicard Plan 15,000  1309
Medicard Plan 10,000  836.75
Maxicare Silver  1199.17
Maxicare Platinum Plus  3458.83
Maxicare Platinum  1923.50
Maxicare Gold  1453.83
Insular Life iCARE C  2028.33
Insular Life iCARE B  1386.67
Insular Life iCARE A  1155.00
Fortune Care Plan 900  1123.83
Fortune Care Plan 800 1089.17
Fortune Care Plan 700 1054.50
Fortune Care Plan 600  1020
Fortune Care Plan 500  1003.50
Fortune Care Plan 1000  1255.08
Fortune Care Plan 1500  1454.67
Etiqa Insurance MyLife+ Plan  1700
Eastwest Health Option 2D  1455.58
Eastwest Health Option 2B  779.25
Eastwest Health Option 2A  670.08
Eastwest Health Option 1D  1687.33
Eastwest Health Option 1C 1139
Eastwest Health Option 1B  891.67
Eastwest Health Option 1A  763.25
Eastwest Health Option 2C  989.50
BIMA Personal Accident Insurance  70.00
AXA Health Max 

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Sun Life health insurance Philippines Reviews

Unlimited income potential but no fixed salary

3 Apr 2023 – Financial Advisor in Manila, Manila

CEO Approval
Business Outlook


Work from home or work anywhere Flexible working hours Monthly (performance-based) bonuses


There are a lot of requirements to be a Financial Advisor, including passing a licensure exam, but it’s not really a job like you don’t really get a salary. 

Not toxic but there’s no fulfillment achieved with the roles and responsibiliy

17 Feb 2023 – Quality Assurance (Audit Specialist) in Taguig

CEO Approval
Business Outlook


I must say that the environment is not toxic, very chill.


The risk in their processes is high I must say, and they don’t have well-designed policies.

Medical Interviewer

28 Mar 2023 – Senior Medical Interviewer I in Taguig

CEO Approval
Business Outlook


Excellent company with great benefits.


None that I know of

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