Valenzuela Health Card 2023 – How to Get Health Card in Valenzuela City?

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Valenzuela Health Card 2023

Valenzuela Health Card 2023- This latest addition to the 3S Plus Valenzuela City online services or Paspas Permit can be accessed at December 11, 2020, the city government of Valenzuela launched the integration of the zoning process for the PASS permit system, where business owners can plot their business location and be notified if their business conforms to the permitted land use or online Apply for appeal.

Valenzuela Health Card 2023
Valenzuela Health Card 2023

The issuance of a Provisional Sanitary Permit can be viewed in conjunction with a Provisional Business Permit. Business owners can download the permit and start their business after applying online. The business will be audited to check compliance and there will also be a routine inspection by the Sanitation Office to ensure that the business complies with PD 856 or the Sanitation Code of the Philippines.

Not only this, business owners can apply for health certificates for their employees using the system. Employee details can be easily filled in the online account information form, and then the user details of the employees can be provided for them to continue the seminar participation exam and schedule their lab appointments later.

Valenzuela Health Card Login

To start your Health Certificate log on to and click on the 3S+ Online Services button. Online Application. For technical concerns and support, please drop us by. One line

How to Get Health Card in Valenzuela City?

It is online through our 3S+ online services #PasspasPermit. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply online. Online Application. A line

Valenzuela Health Card Download Forms  

If you want to download and view the forms then you click on this link:- “Click Here”

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