Etiqa Health Card 2023 – Coverage, Price & How To Claim?

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Etiqa Health Card 2023

Etiqa Health Card 2023: Mylife+ is a health, life, and accident insurance plan that provides you access to 29,000+ doctors and 1,500+ hospitals and clinics nationwide. You’ll also have access to the Top 6 Hospitals in the Philippines including Asian Hospital Medical Center, St. Luke’s Global City, St. Luke’s QC, Makati Medical Center, The Medical City, and Cardinal Santos Medical Center.

Etiqa Health Card 2023
Etiqa Health Card 2023

If you are looking for Etiqa Health Card-related information on the Internet. Then you are looking at the right webpage. Because here we are providing every single update on Etiqa Health Card 2023. Let’s have a look.

Health Card Coverage

Etiqa Health Card Coverage can be seen in the form of the following benefits –

  • Room, Board, and General Nursing Services Daily Benefit
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit
  • Death Benefit
  • Emergency Treatment in Foreign Territory
  • Outpatient Benefit and Ambulance Service Benefit
  • Special Hospital Services Benefit
  • In-Hospital Physician’s Visit Benefit
  • Surgical Expenses Benefit
  • Free Health Check as Partial Claim Bonus.

Health Card Benefits

The Etiqa Coverage is generally room and board medical, specialized hospital services, surgical expenses, hospital doctor visits, ambulance service, outpatient, emergency treatment in foreign territories, and free health check-ups. In addition, death benefits up to Rs.100,000 and accidental death and dismemberment benefits up to Rs.100,000 is also included.

You can withdraw your balance anytime with the help of this health card. Rm 00 can come out at least once. And a minimum account balance of RM 1000 without any other charges. Let’s find out more about Etiqa Health Card 2023.

How to Use Etiqa Health Card?

  • The member goes to Etiqa Philippines Accredited Hospital.
  • Present the Etiqa Philippines Healthcard to ER employees.
    assessment and treatment.
  • ER, staff calls for approval or notifies MIC of admission, if applicable.
  • The member settles excess or ineligible expenses prior to discharge.

Etiqa Health Card Price

According to your physical criteria, you can estimate your plan and annual premium through the calculator, for which we are providing you the following link.

Get Etiqa Plan and Calculate Premium

Etiqa Health Card Accredited Hospitals

You may find Etiqa Health Accredited Hospitals and Clinics nearby. You just need to use the following steps-

  • First of all, Visit the following website i.e.
  • Thereafter, Select “Only Hospital” Province and Your CITY.
  • Now click on the “Search” Button.
  • Wait a while, The hospital List will be displayed on your system screen.
  • Now you can check the hospital lists near you.

How To Claim?

  • Download and complete the required claim forms.
  • Submit scanned copies of the complete requirements to
  • After submission of complete requirements waits for approval and release of your claim within 15 working days.

Etiqa Mobile Number

Etiqa Contact Centre 1-300-13-8888

Tel Tel Overseas Fax Email
General Customer Enquiry 1-300-13-8888 +603 2780 4500 +603 2296 1799
Customer Complaint Management +603 2785 3093
General Claim Assist
For Insurance & Takaful Claim Enquiry and Accidents registration
24-hour Emergency and Car Breakdown Assistance 1-800-88-6491

Etiqa Contact Centre operates from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday and 8.30 am to 12.30 pm on Saturday. Closed on Sundays and Public Holiday

Accident Assist Call Centre 1-300-22-1188

If you have any questions regarding this topic you may ask through the comments box. We will try to give you an answer as soon as possible.  Hope You Like This Post.

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