Him Care Card 2023 Apply Online (Him Care Card Benefits)

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Him Care Card 2023

Him Care Card 2023- Now, we tell about Himcare Health Card, under the Himcare scheme, cashless treatment coverage of up to Rs. The assistance of Rs.5.00 lakh per family per year is being given in empanelled hospitals. In case of more than five members, the remaining members are enrolled as a separate entity, subject to a capping of five members for each such additional entity.

HimCare Card 2023 Apply Online

Himcare Health Card Online Apply 
Himcare Health Card Online Apply
  • First, you visit the official website of the Him Care Card 2023.
  • When your page is open, then click on ONLINE HIMCARE ENROLLMENT, if you want a direct link then click on this link:- Click Here
  • After clicking on this link, you should fill up your Ration Card Number and again Re-Type this.
  • The last one is to click on the Submit.
  • Those who are not registered can apply online for the him care scheme through a ration card or fill out him care card online application form.
  • Applicants can enter all the required details correctly and submit the filled application form to complete the registration process.

Him Care Card Eligibility

  1. BPL Category people
  2. Registered Street Vendors
  3. Ekal Naaris
  4. More than 40% of disabled
  5. Senior Citizens above the age of 70 years
  6. Anganwari Workers/Helpers
  7. ASHA workers
  8. Mid-Day meal workers
  9. Contractual Employees
  10. Daily Wage Worker
  11. Part-time Workers
  12. Beneficiaries under HP Universal Health Protection Scheme
  13. Beneficiaries not included in the above categories/non–government servants and their dependents

Himcare Card Download

If you want to download Himcare Health Card then click on this link:- Click Here

Himcare Health Card Download 
Himcare Health Card Download

Himcare Health Card Benefits

  • Cashless treatment coverage of Rs. 5.00 lakh per family per annum is provided under the scheme on a family floater basis, subject to a maximum of five members per household per family unit.
  • If the family size exceeds five members, the remaining members may be enrolled as a separate unit subject to a capping of five members for each such additional unit.
  • Under the Himcare scheme, treatment will be provided in empanelled hospitals on the basis of pre-determined package rates.

Him Care Card 2023 Check Enrollment Status 

Himcare Health Card Check Enrollment Status 
Himcare Health Card Check Enrollment Status
  • Visit the official website of the Himcare Scheme.
  • You Should click on ‘Himcare Enrollment’ and proceed to select the option ‘Himcare Enrollment Status’.
  • You Should enter your Unique Reference Number (URN) or your Ration Card Number to track your enrollment status. 

Him Care Card Hospital List

District Hospital Name Hospital Contact Hospital Type
BILASPUR Regional Hospital, Bilaspur 1978222586 Public
BILASPUR Civil Hospital, Ghumarwin 7018403084 Public
BILASPUR Community Health Centre, Jhanduta 1978272024 Public
BILASPUR Community Health Centre, Markand 1978286026 Public
BILASPUR Community Health Centre, Bharari 1978273056 Public
BILASPUR Community Health Centre, Naina Devi 9418462690 Public
BILASPUR Ayurvedic Hospital, Kandraur 7807191724 Public
BILASPUR Distt Ayurvedic Hospital, Bilaspur 1978224031 Public
BILASPUR Community Health Centre, Barthin 9418014860 Public
BILASPUR Dhanvantri Hospital (empanelled only for PMJAY) 9650993517 Government Of India
BILASPUR AIIMS Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh 7018000927 Government Of India
BILASPUR Sia Ram Hospital 7018348566 Private(For-Profit)
BILASPUR Anant Hospital 9418008630 Private(For-Profit)
CHAMBA Civil Hospital, Dalhousie 1899242125 Public
CHAMBA Civil Hospital, Tissa 1896227050 Public
CHAMBA Pt JLNMC And Hospital, Chamba 9418304432 Public
CHAMBA Distt Ayurvedic Hospital, Chamba 9459409212 Public
CHAMBA Referral Hospital, Chowari 9805754440 Public
CHAMBA Community Health Centre, Killar 1897242246 Public
CHAMBA Community Health Centre, Kihara 9805971525 Public
CHAMBA Community Health Centre, Bharmour 1895225044 Public
CHAMBA Rana Hospital 9816735411 Private(For-Profit)
HAMIRPUR Civil Hospital, Tauni Devi 7018637416 Public
HAMIRPUR Community Health Centre, Bhoranj 9816144162 Public
HAMIRPUR Community Health Centre, Sujanpur Tira 9816415711 Public
HAMIRPUR Community Health Centre, Galore 9459336941 Public
HAMIRPUR Community Health Centre, Barsar 7876065794 Public
HAMIRPUR Ayurvedic Kadir 9882328109 Public
HAMIRPUR Govt Ayurvedic Hospital, Lambloo 9418852054 Public
HAMIRPUR Distt Ayurvedic Hospital, Hamirpur 7018789139 Public
HAMIRPUR Jain Muni Ayurvedic Manvi Hospital 9418200230 Public
HAMIRPUR Community Health Centre, Naduan 1972232248 Public
HAMIRPUR Dr RKGMC Hospital, Hamirpur 8864635301 Public
HAMIRPUR Aastha Hospital 9418046262 Private(For-Profit)
HAMIRPUR Parvati Hospital 8626903774 Private(Not For Profit)
HAMIRPUR Dr A. S. Thakur Memorial Multi Speciality Hospital 9418020055 Private(Not For Profit)
HAMIRPUR City Heart Superspeciality Hospital A Unit Of Thakur Nursing Home 9805073777 Private(For-Profit)
HAMIRPUR Bhandari Hospital 8219281316 Private(For-Profit)
HAMIRPUR Ayushman Hospital 7018391018 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Community Health Centre, Nagrota Bagwan 9418017631 Public
KANGRA Community Health Centre, Chadiyar 8628862894 Public
KANGRA Ayurvedic Hospital, Dehra 9816818767 Public
KANGRA Ayurvedic Hospital, Harsar 8219486705 Public
KANGRA Halderkola Ayurvedic Hospital, Kangra 7833032699 Public
KANGRA Civil Hospital, Nurpur 8628046005 Public
KANGRA Community Health Centre, Indore 8894010069 Public
KANGRA Community Health Centre, Dada Siba 9817578000 Public
KANGRA Dr RPMC Hospital, Tanda 1892287001 Public
KANGRA Community Health Centre, Fatehpur 9418461239 Public
KANGRA Primary Health Centre, Gopalpur 1894252226 Public
KANGRA Community Health Centre, Bhawarna 1894247158 Public
KANGRA Civil Hospital, Thural 9418676487 Public
KANGRA Civil Hospital, Dehra 9999115107 Public
KANGRA Community Health Centre, Jawalamukhi 1970222337 Public
KANGRA Community Health Centre, Jawali 1893264252 Public
KANGRA Ayurvedic College Hospital, Paprola 1894242941 Public
KANGRA Zonal Hospital, Dharamsala 7832040370 Public
KANGRA Civil Hospital, Kangra 7018325188 Public
KANGRA Distt Ayurvedic Hospital, Dharmshala 7018220064 Public
KANGRA Civil Hospital, Baijnath 1894262301 Public
KANGRA Community Health Centre, Nagrota Surian 9418394144 Public
KANGRA Community Health Centre, Shahpur 9418079491 Public
KANGRA Civil Hospital, Palampur 1894234101 Public
KANGRA S M Eye Hospital, Kangra 9816336029 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Dr Neena Pahwa Hospital 8628854333 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Dr KDs Eye Hospital 7018448754 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Nav Jeevan Hospital 9805791751 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Karan Hospital, Palampur 9805704423 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Maple Leaf Hospital, Kangra 9418841248 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA J.V.R Eye Hospital 9418007829 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Surya Hospital 7696307219 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Panchsheel Nursing Home 9805141994 Private(Not For Profit)
KANGRA Anand Hospital 9418111400 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA MMS Rotary Eye Hospital, Maranda 9953675529 Private(Not For Profit)
KANGRA Eye Mobile Unit 9418976462 Public
KANGRA Unit Hospital 185 Bn Bsf (empanelled only for PMJAY) 7087477215 Government Of India
KANGRA Advanced Diagnosis Centre And Multispeciality Hospital 9045025314 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA JVR Eye Hospital 9418970878 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Ashok Memorial Hospital 8679147555 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Vivekanand Medical Institute, Palampur 9816788800 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA City Care Multispeciality Hospital 8894528888 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Shree Balaji Hospital, Kangra 9459640797 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Shivaay Hospital 7018202441 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Dental Hospital 9816508909 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Fortis Hospital, Kangra A Unit Of Himachal Healthcare Private Limited 8894785555 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Dev Bhoomi Eye Hospital 9816488886 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Life Medicity Hospital 6280654302 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Vijay Hospital Hi-Tech Diagnostic Bodh Jasser 9876557222 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Apex Hospital and Heart Care Centre 9418055828 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Kapila Nursing Home 9418884201 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Capt Saurabh Kalia Memorial Kaydee Hospital 9971313262 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA City Superspeciality Hospital 7807080756 Private(For-Profit)
KANGRA Rotary Eye Hospital Pragpur 9882117443 Private(Not For Profit)
KINNAUR Project Hospital, Bhavanagar 9418885097 Public
KINNAUR Community Health Centre, Sangla 9418140282 Public
KINNAUR Primary Health Centre, Niches 9569454545 Public
KINNAUR District Ayurvedic Hospital, Reckong Peo 9418058285 Public
KINNAUR Regional Hospital, Reckong Peo 7018939408 Public
KINNAUR Community Health Centre, Pooh 9459039525 Public
KINNAUR Jindal Sanjeevani Hospital, Sholto 9805970854 Private(Not For Profit)
KINNAUR Unit Hospital, 17BN ITBP (empanelled only for PMJAY) 9493035293 Government Of India
KULLU Ayurvedic Hospital, Katra 9459934359 Public
KULLU Civil Hospital, Nirmand 9418168321 Public
KULLU Regional Hospital, Kullu 9418118018 Public
KULLU District Ayurvedic Hospital, Kullu 9418011033 Public
KULLU Civil Hospital, Ani 1904253334 Public
KULLU Civil Hospital, Manali 9459885666 Public
KULLU Civil Hospital, Banjaar 1903222214 Public
KULLU Civil Hospital, Jari 7832088966 Public
KULLU CH Tegubehar 8580808422 Public
KULLU Lady Willingdon Hospital 9816007240 Private(For-Profit)
KULLU SR Hospital, Kalheli 9816009111 Private(Not For Profit)
KULLU Unit Hospital, 2nd ITBP Babeli Kullu (empanelled only for PMJAY) 9988033558 Government Of India
KULLU Rampur HPS Project Hospital (empanelled only for PMJAY) 9418075113 Government Of India
KULLU Bhanoo Hospital, Pvt. Ltd. 9459209070 Private(For-Profit)
KULLU Life Line Care Hospital 7060002866 Private(For-Profit)
KULLU Nephrocare Health Services, Pvt. Ltd. 9154796829 Private(For-Profit)
KULLU Ashish Hospital 7018239606 Private(For-Profit)
KULLU Kullu Valley Banga Eye Hospital Unit Of Banga Associated Hospitals 9418052050 Private(For-Profit)
KULLU BTC Kullu Valley Hospital LLP 9882845286 Private(For-Profit)
KULLU Sri Harihar Hospital, Kullu 9459636391 Private(Not For Profit)
KULLU Sri Harihar Hospital, Manali 8580710126 Private(Not For Profit)
KULLU Kullu valley Hospital Unit of Banga Hospitals Private Limited 9418052050 Private(For-Profit)
KULLU Sri Harihar Hospital Bhuntar 9459636391 Private(Not For Profit)
KULLU Laxmi Eye Centre 9418033969 Private(For-Profit)
KULLU Bhunter Valley Hospital 9418052050 Private(Not For Profit)
Lahul & Spiti District Ayurvedic Hospital, Keylong 9459531633 Public
Lahul & Spiti Community Health Centre, Udaipur 7651086862 Public
Lahul & Spiti Regional Hospital, Keylong 9015466345 Public
Lahul & Spiti Community Health Centre, Shansha 9418139922 Public
Lahul & Spiti Primary Health Centre, Tabo 9418206208 Public
Lahul & Spiti Community Health Centre, Kaza 9459707272 Public
MANDI Referral Hospital, Sarkaghat 1905230036 Public
MANDI Primary Health Centre, Ghor 9418419980 Public
MANDI Civil Hospital, Karsog 9736417870 Public
MANDI Primary Health Centre, Kotli 1905281231 Public
MANDI Distt Ayurvedic Hospital, Mandi 9418297437 Public
MANDI Primary Health Centre, Baldavada 9817650746 Public
MANDI Primary Health Centre, Ratti 1905242296 Public
MANDI Ayurvedic Hospital, Joginder Nagar 8988305067 Public
MANDI Primary Health Centre, Other 1908260228 Public
MANDI Primary Health Centre, Janjali 9418128839 Public
MANDI Civil Hospital, Joginder Nagar 8309593307 Public
MANDI Netaji Subhash Chander Bose Zonal Hospital, Mandi 8627973633 Public
MANDI Civil Hospital, Sundernagar 9459060969 Public
MANDI Bhambla Multispeciality Hospital 8872530186 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri Govt Medical College And Hospital, Mandi At Nerchowk 9882855945 Public
MANDI Primary Health Centre, Nagvaani 7018411054 Public
MANDI Primary Health Centre, Dharampur 7018375854 Public
MANDI Civil Hospital, Sandole 1905273223 Public
MANDI Primary Health Centre, Bhagshad 9418662911 Public
MANDI Aastha Multispeciality Hospital 9816601916 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI Malhotra Hospital And Trauma Centre 8288849649 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI Banga Associated Hospital, Eye Care 9418407850 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI CHC Nihari 9736417870 Public
MANDI CHC Ladbharol 9517813996 Public
MANDI Jagriti Medical Centre 9816003020 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI Mannat Hospital 9816166456 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI CHC Kataula 8679119192 Public
MANDI Aditya Jyoti Eye Hospital 8262919390 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI Jai Prakash Hospital Private Limited 7018651056 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI BBMB Hospital, Sundernagar (empanelled only for PMJAY) 9418474212 Government Of India
MANDI Neelkanth Hospital 8872551999 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI Sapphire Health Care 8219120426 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI Mandav Hospital Unit Of Banga Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. 9418280979 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI Himachal Dental College 9418067210 Private(Not For Profit)
MANDI Bhanoo Hospital 8278729562 Private(Not For Profit)
MANDI KS Hospital 9418100831 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI Himachal Valley Healthcare 7018707570 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI Suket Hospital Pvt. Ltd. 9816498060 Private(For-Profit)
MANDI Himalaya Healthcare Dialysis Center 8219273626 Private(For-Profit)
SHIMLA Indira Gandhi Medical Collage 7018749191 Public
SHIMLA MGMSC Khneri, Rampur 1782234969 Public
SHIMLA Civil Hospital, Rohru 7807571077 Public
SHIMLA Civil Hospital, Nerwa 1783260022 Public
SHIMLA Civil Hospital, Chopal 1783260022 Public
SHIMLA Community Health Centre, (Sandasu) Chirgaon 9459236045 Public
SHIMLA Ayurvedic Hospital, Rampur 1782234944 Public
SHIMLA Regional Ayurvedic Hospital, Chotta Shimla 1772621753 Public
SHIMLA Community Health Centre, Kotkhai 9459237542 Public
SHIMLA Civil Hospital, Theog 1783238204 Public
SHIMLA DDU Hospital 9418045333 Public
SHIMLA Primary Health Centre, Mashobra 1772740230 Public
SHIMLA Community Health Centre, Kumarsain 9418148483 Public
SHIMLA KNH Shimla 9459972879 Public
SHIMLA Civil Hospital, Jubbal 1781252022 Public
SHIMLA Community Health Centre, Suni 9816022110 Public
SHIMLA Govt Dental Collage 8262098949 Public
SHIMLA Unit Hospital, 43 BN IIBP (empanelled only for PMJAY) 8449560665 Government Of India
SHIMLA Unit Hospital,19 BN ITBP (empanelled only for PMJAY) 9652900953 Government Of India
SHIMLA Project Hospital, NJHPS Jhakri (empanelled only for PMJAY) 9418451053 Government Of India
SHIMLA Aastha Hospital And Pediatric Center 9418150377 Private(For-Profit)
SHIMLA Prabhudas Clinic & Nursing Home 9418862090 Private(For-Profit)
SHIMLA Lions Rian Dialysis & Health Care Centre 9418005087 Private(Not For Profit)
SHIMLA Sai Hospital 8988092094 Private(Not For Profit)
SIRMAUR Community Health Centre, Sangrah 9816441397 Public
SIRMAUR Regional Hospital, Nahan 9418086286 Public
SIRMAUR Referral Hospital, Dadahu 8988403270 Public
SIRMAUR Civil Hospital, Sarahan 7831981145 Public
SIRMAUR Civil Hospital, Paonta 1704222172 Public
SIRMAUR Civil Hospital, Rajgarh 9418287196 Public
SIRMAUR Primary Health Centre, Nauradhar 9876759182 Public
SIRMAUR Distt Ayurvedic Hospital, Nahan 9418060343 Public
SIRMAUR Shri Sai Multispeciality Hospital And Trauma Centre 8219033411 Private(For-Profit)
SIRMAUR Sanjiv Eye Health Care 9896209691 Private(For-Profit)
SIRMAUR Prriyanshi Hospital 9459094509 Private(For-Profit)
SIRMAUR Shri Siddhivinayak Hospital 9418490770 Private(For-Profit)
SIRMAUR Jagdish Chand Juneja Hospital 9805517615 Private(Not For Profit)
SIRMAUR Sanjiv Vision Care 9816291964 Private(For-Profit)
SIRMAUR Shri Sai Cardiac & Critical Care Centre 8708070873 Private(For-Profit)
SIRMAUR Himachal Institute of Dental Sciences 9816048155 Private(Not For Profit)
SOLAN Civil Hospital Kandaghat 1792256437 Public
SOLAN E S I Hospital, Parwanoo 9817267755 Public
SOLAN Community Health Centre, Nalagarh 1795221204 Public
SOLAN Distt Ayurvedic Hospital, Solan 9418494955 Public
SOLAN Regional Hospital, Solan 1792223638 Public
SOLAN Civil Hospital, Arki 7018982336 Public
SOLAN Civil Hospital, Kunihar 8988313804 Public
SOLAN Ayurvedic Hospital, Nalagarh 9816195030 Public
SOLAN Gagan Hospital 9816800001 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Lord Mahavir Hospital, Nalagarh 9816800001 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Aakash Hospital, Nalagarh 9418060013 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Sai Sanjevani Hospital, Solan 9418087597 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Kapoor Nursing Home 9418029067 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Shiva Hospital 9816080309 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Bansal Orthopaedic Centre 9816025018 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN M.M. Medical College & Hospital 6239513239 Private(Not For Profit)
SOLAN Abhinav Eye Care Center, Solan 9914558444 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Brooklyn Himalaya Hospital 9418473440 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Bhajia Dental College & Hospital 7018274613 Private(Not For Profit)
SOLAN Malhotra Superspecaility Hospital 9816020120 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Bhardwaj Hospital 9816046020 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Navjeevan Nursing Home Rajgarh Road Solan 9418022212 Private(Not For Profit)
SOLAN Ameesh Hospital 9857930779 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN JP Hospital And Paediatric Centre 9418029844 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Shri Balmukand Apex Hospital 8091966601 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Shreekant Memorial Hospital 9805000275 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Life Care Hospital 9814139466 Private(Not For Profit)
SOLAN Panacea Urocare 9915049466 Private(For-Profit)
SOLAN Global Superspeciality Hospital 9915511303 Private(Not For Profit)
UNA Regional Hospital, Una 9418122885 Public
UNA Community Health Centre, Gagret 1976241319 Public
UNA Distt Ayurvedic Hospital, Una 9418005789 Public
UNA Ayurvedic Hospital, I spur 9418057723 Public
UNA Community Health Centre, Daulatpur 9805011591 Public
UNA Community Health Centre, Harold 9418460744 Public
UNA Community Health Centre, Amb 1976260274 Public
UNA Civil Hospital, Chintpurni 9882487364 Public
UNA Primary Health Centre, Thanakalan 7018572016 Public
UNA Community Health Centre, Banana 7018912718 Public
UNA Chauhan Eye Hospital, Una 9418466770 Private(For-Profit)
UNA Eshan Eye Hospital 9882141766 Private(For-Profit)
UNA Nanda Hospital 9418029355 Private(For-Profit)
UNA Anandraj Malik Hospital 8544797498 Private(For-Profit)
UNA Shivam Orthocare 9625107410 Private(For-Profit)
UNA Shergill Health Care Centre 9814411526 Private(For-Profit)
UNA Swami Pindi Dass Ji Charitable Health Care Centre 8580992289 Private(Not For Profit)
UNA Navneet Urology And General Surgery Hospital 9418076097 Private(For-Profit)
UNA Bansal Ortho Health Center 8894080874 Private(For-Profit)
UNA Bhardwaj Health Care Centre 9418038200 Private(For-Profit)
UNA Rotary Eye Hospital, Dhussara 9882117443 Private(Not For Profit)
UNA Sahni Eye Hospital 8894501430 Private(For-Profit)
UNA Vishal Eye Hospital 9816055925 Private(For-Profit)
UNA Agnihotri Life Line Hospital 7018061237 Private(For-Profit)
UNA Altis Hospital, Una 8628872040 Private(For-Profit)
UNA Sri Krishna Children’s Hospital 9816065580 Private(For-Profit)
UNA SS Hospital 8219570414 Private(For-Profit)

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