Indonesia Health Alert Card 2023 – What is the Indonesia eHAC?

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What is the Indonesia eHAC?

Indonesia Health Alert Card 2023: An Electronic Health Alert Card is a health disclosure form for foreign travelers. Along with all other required documentation, including a visa, this additional form needs to be completed. Travelers should complete an online application for an Indonesia Travel Health Form prior to departure. The approved paperwork must be shown to officials at immigration as well as while boarding. Each and every international tourist must have an EHAC. You cannot enter Indonesia if you do not have this travel document.

Indonesia Health Alert Card 2023 Apply Online
Indonesia Health Alert Card 2023 Apply Online

Indonesia Health Alert Card 2023: If you guys are looking for the Indonesia health declaration form, ehac indonesia, how to fill out ehac indonesia, e- declaration form indonesia, ehac Indonesia app, online customs declaration form indonesia, Indonesia custom declaration form, ehac indonesia pedulilindungi then you are looking on the right webpage. Because Here we are providing every single detail about Indonesia Health Alert Card 2023. Let’s have a Look.

eHac Indonesia

Indonesia Health Alert Card 2023:You must complete a health alert card from the Indonesian Ministry of Health if you are visiting Indonesia or flying domestically inside Indonesia. We advise using the e-HAC (Electronic Health Alert Card), which can be obtained Because the manual filling is no longer an option.

• Indonesian Ministry of Health official web
Or you can also install the E-HAC app on your smartphone which can be downloaded from the following links:
• Android Play Store
• Apple App Store

Indonesia Health Alert Card 2023: Before a Port Health Authority (KKP) checkpoint, during departure, or throughout the arrivals procedure, you can fill out the E-HAC. For further translation, it will be necessary to learn more about the source texture text.

Indonesia’s Custom Declaration Form

Indonesia Health Alert Card 2023: A completed Indonesia Electronic Customs Declaration Form is required of all visitors to Indonesia. Getting passed customs clearance requires completing this step. Indonesia compels visitors to declare any e-CD-formatted goods they bring into the country. It then determines which customs channel the traveler should use and assists Indonesian Customs in performing the required inspections.

Anyone traveling may fill out the Indonesia Custom Declaration form by clicking the direct link provided below.

Indonesia Custom Declaration Form

eHac Indonesia App

Indonesia Health Alert Card 2023: Application is required for any travel from areas or countries where emerging illnesses are a concern. The app is now no longer accessible on the App Store. You must manually download it.

ehac Indonesia pedulilindungi

To register your non-Indonesia vaccination, please follow these steps:

  • Download PeduliLindungi version 4.4.7 or newer on Google Play, Apple App Store, or Huawei AppGallery
  • Register and log in to your account
  • Open Vaccine and Immunization
  • Choose Vaccine Non-Indonesia.
  • Fill out your vaccination information, then click “submit.”
  • Wait up to 5 business days for approval and get your vaccine verification!

How to Fill Indonesia Health Alert Card 2023

  • First of all, Open the PeduliLindungi application and log in to your PeduliLindungi account. Don’t forget to turn on your phone’s “Location” feature.
  • Thereafter, Click on “Electronic Health Alert Card (e-HAC)” at the bottom of the Peduli Lindungi application.
  • Now Select “Create e-HAC”.
  • A pop-up menu appears. Select “Domestic e-HAC” if you are traveling within Indonesia, or “International e-HAC” if you are traveling back to Indonesia from abroad.
  • Fill out all of the personal information requested on the registration form, including your nationality, identification number, complete name, gender, date of birth, and reason for travel (be sure the information you input is accurate to facilitate a simple check-in process at the airport). Select “Next” after saving.
  • Fill in your travel data correctly, including your origin city, destination city, and destination address (you can fill in the address of the hotel or accommodation you are staying in), as well as your mode of transport with the airline name, and flight number Details are also included. Seat number, date, and time of departure and arrival. Click Next”.
  • Please complete the form with your health information.
  • Final step: Verify that the Electronic Health Alert Card (eHAC) has been successfully established and that all of your data is accurate.

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