Occupational Health Card 2023 Requirements, Application, Renewal

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Occupational Health Card 2023

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) issued Occupational Health Card 2023 for the staff working in restaurants, Bakery, Catering centers, Kindergartens, Cafeteria, Foodstuff trading, Health club, Fitness center, Spa, Salon, Grocery, Furniture polishers, Printing presses workers. A new employee has to apply for this card within 30 days from the date of his/her arrival/change of status. If you are applying for OHC after 30 days, you must show Visa Medical Fitness Certificate at the time of applying for OHC. This is applicable only if the passport does not have a visa stamp.

Occupational Health Card 2023

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Occupational Health Card Requirements

Required Documents:

  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy
  • 1 photograph
  • Online Payment Receipt
  • Emirates ID copy (optional)

If the employee is out of the country and his occupational health Certificate has expired, So he/she has to renew the card within 5 working days from the date of entry into the country.

Medical Tests Include:

  • X-ray and blood sample collection


Your appointment date for the blood test may be several days later. But you can go the next day. If you do not go for a blood test within 20 days from the date of online payment, you may be fined.

Occupational Health Card Price

Sr.No. Categories Price (In AED)
1 Agriculture Industries 200
2 Beauticians & Related Services /Spa Workers 540
3 Car Workshops & Service Center 340
4 Carpenter & Noise Producing Industries 220
5  Cement, Ceramic, Concrete, Tissue & Textile industries 200
6 Construction Industries 200
7 DHA License Services 770
8 Electric Services 200
9 Food Handlers 170
10 Diwan Staff 770
11 Glass Industries 200
12 Health Care Workers 570
13 Ionizing Radiation 200
14 Oil Refining, Plastic & Chemical Industries 300
15 leather Industries 270
16 Veterinary Service 270
17 Waste Management & Hygiene Service Industries 200
18 Education Establishment 200
19 RTA Drivers Screening 170
20 Pre Employment Local 270

Occupational Health Certificate Medical Test

Occupational health screening includes blood tests and physical or fitness assessments related to the employee’s occupation. This screening may be compulsory for employees working in the transportation, food, chemical, and other sectors. A full range of medical and fitness assessments are offered to new and Current employees, such as an electrocardiogram (ECG), audiometry, spirometry, and more.

Occupational Health Card Application

Occupational Health Card.jpeg

How to Check Occupational Health Card Online

You may watch the following video to check your Occupational Health Certificate Online-

Occupational Health Card Renewal

The Occupational Health Certificate Renewal process is very easy and convenient. You may watch the following video-

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