Jharkhand Health Insurance Scheme Eligibility, Login

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Jharkhand Health Insurance Scheme

The Government of Jharkhand is committed to giving quality health care services to the people, especially in remote and difficult areas to reduce morbidity and mortality. Gender and human rights issues for disadvantaged groups and adolescents will be given the highest priority, to eliminate discrimination in the provision of health care at all levels and in all sectors.

Health is an important asset for an individual, and health services play an important role in the development of any state. Jharkhand is one of the rapidly developing states in India, the government here is leaving no stone unturned to transform this place into a medical hub with better medical infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and expertise. Ranchi city is already home to better quality healthcare services and serves not only the people of Jharkhand but also the people of neighboring states.

About Jharkhand Health Insurance Scheme

Insurance amount: Personal accident insurance for the insured media representative will be Rs 5 (five) lakhs. Apart from this, their dependents and all the insured will also be provided the facility of group mediclaim for medical expenses up to a total of Rs 5 (five) lakhs.

Period of Insurance – The period of the Jharkhand State Journalist Health Insurance Scheme will be one year. It will be mandatory for the media representative to complete all the desirable actions related to insurance for the new year before the completion of the insurance period.

About the proposed insurance scheme, every year as per the terms of the scheme, after obtaining quotations from the insurance companies of the Government PSU, the insurance premium will be fixed by the Principal Secretary/Secretary, Information and Public Sector based on rate negotiation with the agency quoting the lowest rate. -Can be decided by the contact department.

Based on the lowest rate of quotations received, an MOU will be signed with the successful insurance company in which the documents will be signed by the Principal Secretary / Secretary / Director on behalf of the Information and Public Relations Department and the authorized officer on behalf of the insurance company.

Effectiveness of Insurance:- The limit will be considered effective from the date of transfer of the entire insurance amount including the share amount of media representatives to the fund of the insurance company through the department.

Jharkhand Health Insurance Scheme Eligibility

If you want to see the eligibility of the Jharkhand Health Insurance Scheme, then you will click on this link. Click Here… 

Jharkhand Health Insurance Scheme Login

Most people want to log into the website but they can’t find the link so you are giving the link:

  • First, you click on this link. Click Here…
  • Then Fill up your Name, Email, and mobile number.
  • After you click on Admin login, you will log in. 

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