TATA AIG Cashless Health Insurance Plans for Family – Abhahealth.com

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TATA AIG Cashless Health Insurance Plans for Family – Abhahealth.com

Cashless health insurance plans are policies that provide medical coverage to policyholders without having to pay upfront for their medical expenses during hospital treatment. We all are living a healthy life it is a luxury; Not everyone can afford it.

In the present times, the level of inflation has increased so much that it has become absolutely impossible to live comfortably and save one’s income simultaneously. We spend our lives earning bread every day, with a lot of determination and willpower. But life is unpredictable; Even the smallest incident can ruin our finances.

TATA AIG Cashless Health Insurance Plans for Family – Abhahealth.com

TATA AIG Cashless Health Insurance Plans for Family - Abhahealth.com

Cashless Health Insurance Online

The panic that sets in when our loved ones suffer from a health emergency is a difficult situation to deal with. These difficult times require a cashless mediclaim policy, wherein you do not need to worry about arranging large amounts of money immediately. According to this insurance, your insurance provider will protect you in such circumstances.

What is Cashless Health/Mediclaim Insurance?

Most health insurance has a feature that says, ‘cashless hospitalization’. But what does this feature actually mean? This feature is basically an easier, more convenient way to pay your hospital bills. This allows you to remain stress-free during medical emergencies as your finances will be taken care of by your insurance provider or TPA (Third-Party Administrator).

Cashless mediclaim can be availed at any of the specified list of network hospitals with which your insurance provider has a contract. You can opt for the best medical treatment required at that time, and the bill will be paid directly between the hospital and the insurance company. Of course, you don’t have to bear the expense in this case. Therefore, it is essential to have cashless medical insurance.

Relevance of Cashless Health Insurance

  • Ensures focus on treatment
  • Option to choose the best type of therapy and doctor without worrying about cost
  • Saves time, money, and effort in the entire hospitalization process
  • Direct settlement of bills between the network hospital and the insurance company

Claiming Health Insurance For Emergencies

  • The insurer should be informed about the hospitalization within 24 hours to prepare relevant documents and forms like insurance cards, policy copies, customer ID proof, customer address proof, etc.
  • The network hospital will then fill out the cashless claim form and send it to your insurance provider
  • The insurance provider will then send it back to the network hospital with an authorization letter. The bill amount will then be settled between the parties concerned, and you will not need to do anything else except take care of your loved one. If admission to the specified list of network hospitals is not feasible, there is an option for reimbursement. Here, the bill will be paid by you in the full amount, and you can later file a claim with your insurance provider along with the relevant documents and medical bills.

Points to Remember

  • It is important to note that cashless mediclaim policies and cashless health insurance cover different aspects of health insurance planning. So, make sure you are clear about what type of cashless facility you are availing.
  • The cashless mediclaim policy is limited to hospitalization expenses only, hence any other expenses incurred will be paid by you.
  • Cashless health insurance provides comprehensive coverage subject to the terms and conditions of your policy.
  • There are certain exclusions mentioned under cashless health insurance, so one should read the policy wording carefully. 

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