Best Health Card Philippines – Top 10 HMO In The Philippines

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Best Health Card Philippines

Best Health Card Philippines: Here we will discuss Best Health Card Philippines through this article. Therefore, all the readers who are searching for Best Health Card in the Philippines must read this article in order to get complete information and acquire knowledge. In this article, going to cover a few topics like the Best Health Card Philippines, health insurance in the Philippines for foreigners, the best health insurance in the Philippines for senior citizens, the list of health insurance in the Philippines, the top 10 HMO in the Philippines & more.

Best Health Card Philippines
Best Health Card Philippines

Top 10 HMO In The Philippines

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) provides access to its network of healthcare providers including Hospitals, Dentists, Doctors, and Clinics via prepaid health services for a monthly, Quarterly, and Annual fee. Here we only provide the Top 10 HMOs in the Philippines.

  1. Maxicare HealthCare

  2. Intellicare

  3. Medicard Philippines

  4. Caritas Health Shield

  5. Philhealth Care (PhilCare)

  6. ValuCare Health System

  7. Eastwest Health Care

  8. Avega Managed Care

  9. Insular Health Care (InLife)

  10. Pacific Cross Health Care

Best Health Insurance in the Philippines for senior citizens

If you are looking for Best Health Insurance in the Philippines for Senior Citizens then you can check the following articles for Deep Information. As per our recommendation, Following Health Cards are suitable for senior citizens.

Health Insurance in the Philippines for Foreigners

Best Health Card Philippines – If you travel to the Philippines as a Tourist, student, or work. then you should apply for a health card in case of any injury or critical illness. Otherwise, you will have to pay expensive bills during the treatment. A health card will help you to reduce your expenses during the treatment in case of injury or critical illness. Therefore, Here we are recommended some health insurance for foreigners who comes to the Philippines. Let’s have a Look.

Check Health Insurance Companies with Plan and Cost:

Insurance Company Monthly Premium in Peso
Pioneer Personal Contingency Plan 3 1190
Generali Group Personal Accident Insurance 135
Pioneer Personal Contingency Plan 2 990
Pioneer Personal Contingency Plan 1 720
Medicard VIP Plan Suite 5578.58
Medicard VIP Plan Large Private 3811.08
Medicard VIP Plan 250,000 2090
Medicard VIP Plan 200,000 1762.42
Medicard Plan 8,000 745.75
Medicard Plan 18,000 1521.42
Medicard Plan 15,000  1309
Medicard Plan 10,000  836.75
Maxicare Silver  1199.17
Maxicare Platinum Plus  3458.83
Maxicare Platinum  1923.50
Maxicare Gold  1453.83
Insular Life iCARE C  2028.33
Insular Life iCARE B  1386.67
Insular Life iCARE A  1155.00
Fortune Care Plan 900  1123.83
Fortune Care Plan 800 1089.17
Fortune Care Plan 700 1054.50
Fortune Care Plan 600  1020
Fortune Care Plan 500  1003.50
Fortune Care Plan 1000  1255.08
Fortune Care Plan 1500  1454.67
Etiqa Insurance MyLife+ Plan  1700
Eastwest Health Option 2D  1455.58
Eastwest Health Option 2B  779.25
Eastwest Health Option 2A  670.08
Eastwest Health Option 1D  1687.33
Eastwest Health Option 1C 1139
Eastwest Health Option 1B  891.67
Eastwest Health Option 1A  763.25
Eastwest Health Option 2C  989.50
BIMA Personal Accident Insurance  70.00

In this article, We just provide you with information regarding Best Health Card in the Philippines. Hope You like this article. Apart from this, If you have any queries then you may ask us via the comment box. will try to solve your query as soon as possible. Thank You.

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